CPU usage

I rewrite Asteroids example in c++ language but when i run it the cpu is at 97%… and in the scene there are fewer than 50 poligons… i try set the frame rate but even so it does not change

It is not my error: when i run Tut-Asteroid.py the cpu is at 97%

I don’t use Panda with C++, but 3D games normally use 100% of the CPU, anyway - the power’s there, why not use it?

because there aren’t a lot of poligons and therefore should not make too many calculations. And the screen is update on 1/60 second.

Polygons have nothing to do with this, it would be just the same if you opened an empty Panda window. Many people are concerned about this at first, but in fact it’s perfectly normal for a 3D application.

ops! :blush:
thanks you! but why?
I think that more polygons more calculations and more time to rendering the scene on the screen!
When i set the frame rate I think that the cpu have more time for the calculations and than the percentage of cpu are at 50%.
but i wrong :wink: