Could we add a beginner's forum section?

When I was in the Marines years ago. I went to several military schools. One thing I liked about the books that they issued was this. Each chapter stated off with :

Terminal learning objectives.

What you would know at the end of reading the chapter.

Enabling learning objectives.

What you needed to know first to understand what was being taught in the chapter.

Enabling refernces

Where you could go to read the things you needed to know before you read the present chapter.


Where you could go to read background information on what wast being taught in the present chapter.

What I see with some of the answer on this forum and on other tech forums is that they forget the enabling part. Remember that I am talking about 26 years ago with the Marine Corp using paper and ink. Hypertext was still a theory and the World Wide Web did not exist. These days there one could just put a link to a tutorial site or a part of the forum that explained the enabling learning objectives.

Isn’t this thread just becoming a little trolly ?

Well, I feel like a very big beginner at panda3d, and for me that kind of forum section is not needed.
For me it would be nice if the samples archive could grow with more simple and/or explicit stuff, or maybe for “teaching” oriented.

I wonder what kind of exercices/practices students are asked to do with panda3d at Carnegie Mellon ? But my guess is that student alraedy have some good experience in 3d programming…

Since i’ve been cited on the thread regarding my sig that points to the list of unanswered topics, and since I am a newb myself, I think this is an appropriate place to post a couple of suggestions on how to approach the forums as a newb:

If you access the forums link from the main page while you are logged in, you have two very important links on the top of the page:

  • Posts since your last visit.
  • Unanswered posts.

As a newb, I’ve made a habit of always reviewing everything that was posted since my last visit, and then look at unanswered posts and try to help to the best of my abilities.