''Could not open window''

My command prompt says to me’‘could not open window’’ when I start a Panda3D application what should I do?

Sorry for my bad English I’m italian!

I bet you don’t have a card that supports 3D acceleration. If you do, and are on Windows, try switching to the DirectX driver (replace pandagl with pandadx9 in C:\Panda3D-1.5.4\etc\Config.prc)

nothing to do
other ideas?

We need more information. Can you show us the exact output? Have you tried running pview, and does it get the same error message?

What kind of graphics card do you have, and what is your operating system?

Have you checked your desktop preferences, to make sure you’re not running in 16-bit color mode? Some graphics cards have difficulty opening a 16-bit graphics context. Make sure your desktop is set to 32-bit color mode instead.


Now (I don’t know why) it’s all OK.