Cool Panda Shader Tricks

Been trying to do some cool shader tricks in Panda. Yes, these are all Panda screen shots.

So far I’ve managed to build

Realtime shadows

Depth of Field

High Dynamic Range Output

Awsome! :smiley:

May you post some “creation” advice, documentation or source code :question:


Neat! I’d like to see how you did it as well.

hat down!

this will push a lot forward the little Panda beyond many opensource 3d angines out there!

did you actually planned to merge your code to the actual Panda 4 free or what?


Bei that looks simply amazing. You are incredibly talented. I really hope you’ll share your techniques with all of us.

With the help of people like you, Panda3D just keeps getting better and better :smiley:.

Fantastic work!

Please… please, do enlighten us oh ye god of pixels and vertices.
all hail bei


no seriously: how’d you do it?

Wow, there’s a lot people that liked this stuff. Well I can tell you that the Panda team here is working hard on implementing some of the stuff so that’s easy for you to use. I unfortunately don’t have time write a tutorial or anything at this point… busy looking for a summer internship… argh

However, I don’t mind sharing my code. I just need webspace to post it… I guess I’ll talk to the Panda team to see if they’ll let me use some of their web space.

I got the webspace at so I can post it there (there is a CG part of the site) so maybe you can mail the source to me and i’ll put it up there :slight_smile: It would be a great addition to the site.


EDIT: you can also give me your email and i’ll set your permissions to admin on the wiki site.

whow… if webspace is your only problem, I am sure I can provide that. Just give me the needed size, a ftp password of your choice and maybe a full name so that I can set up a location for you.
As long as its pure Panda3D, expect it to be free of charge, of course.

Regards, Bigfoot29

PS: Btw: Nice site, miel… will be a nice addition. The question is, if we aren’t going to do most of the work twice keeping both snipplet sections up-to-date…

I think it would be easier to keep them localized here; eliminates the need to look through a bajillion sites to find what your looking for. No offense meant to miel, of course :slight_smile: Just my two cents.

Yeah, you guys are right. The code repository was a nice idea but it’s better to keep it centralized as Bei said. Heck, I’m just glad it’s there :slight_smile:


Hmmm… this topic gets sometwhat OT, but we are always open for good suggestions…

If you have some, don’t hesitate to tell them. Many things just need someone who would maintain them - just as the german Panda3D-portal does (lacking of activitiy…)

Regards, Bigfoot29

omg the german panda forum. i think i haven’t been there since two months g