Converting Bam to MB (Maya) with collisions

When I convert a bam to Maya using bam2egg and then egg2maya2012, the collisions seem to disappear and I was wondering if there was a way to recover them, add them in manually, or convert and keep them in the model.

It would surprise me if egg2maya supported collision geometry.

Is the collision data preserved in the bam2egg step? Does the .egg file contain tags?

Yes, it does have them. Here’s a snipet of the .egg

fences_1 {
collision_1 {
{ Polyset descend }
vpool-collision.vpool1 {
0 {
100 -10 23
{ -0.697462 0.716621 3.16419e-008 }
1 {
100 -10 2.71051e-020
{ -0.697462 0.716621 3.16419e-008 }
2 {
91.139 -18.6241 -5.26865e-015
{ -0.697462 0.716621 3.16419e-008 }
3 {…

I found this post from 2005, but I don’t think it’ll work anymore because it is so outdated.

correct about egg2maya not supporting collision/collision tagging. In fact, even doing a direct egg import into Maya will convert the collisions to a standard poly with the initial lambert material. (they’ll almost always show up as white or grey in the scene in Maya).
if your egg’s contain a lot of collisions, adn your familiar with most possible naming conventions, you can write a MEL script to read the egg file and do most of the egg-type tagging for you. It probably won’t catch them all in all egg files, but if the right names are used, it’ll at least tag all them it finds with the names supplied.