Converting 3D Coords to 2D

This is somewhat a nasty little complication, but I figured the more advanced P3D users would love to chew on this.

This is what I want to do, but don’t know how to go about doing it -

I’m going to store an objects POS in varibles like this:

self.Obj1X = Obj1.getX();
self.Obj1Y = Obj1.getY();
self.Obj1Z = Obj1.getZ();

Now for the hard part; what I want to do is convert Obj1’s x, y and z values, that are stored in the varibles, to 2D screen values (current view area).

I did this with no problems using other engines because the APIs were there for this kind of thing.

Can this be done with P3D and how?

Keep in mind, there are two sides when it comes to Dev…those who develop Engines and those who use Engines. I myself am on the latter side, so I’m not going to be adding APIs or changing anything “under the hood” of P3D.

You could look at here.