Convert From .egg to .X

Hiii everybody ,

Is there a way to convert from .egg format to .X format ( without losing the animation or anything ) ???

Thanks in advance .

Sorry, egg2x doesn’t currently support animations. You’re welcome to add that functionality to the program, if you like.


Im trying to figure out the collision settings on roaming ralph, but when I use the egg2x exe on the unzipped world.egg, I get an error stating that my windows/system32 is in the wrong case, then it states C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. any way to resolve this? Im running Vista HP 32.

I get the same with the other egg2 convertors as well.

Hmm, there might be something slightly out-of-whack in your system registry or some such. I’m not entirely sure where to go looking for the problem.

But, I can suggest a workaround. Put:

vfs-case-senstive 0

in your Config.prc file. That will tell Panda not to care about the contradictions in case.


Thank you very much, I will try this and see if that does the trick.

i also have problem with egg2x it doesn’t work for me it pops up the dos screan verry fast and closes it even faster and nothing happens.
i choose on the egg file open with and then say egg2x.exe

You have to run it from the command line. Open a command line window first, then type “egg2x -o output.x input.egg”.