ControlJoint Cannot Control Joint of bones with Copy Rotation Constraints

I have a rigged model in Blender. Later I use the .blend file or convert it to a .gltf file and load the actor in Panda3d. If use a bone without any copy rotation contraints to another bone, controljoint works fine, but if there is a copy rotation constraint to control another bone, e.g. finger bend, I get an error message

"Actor(warning): Cannot control joint Bone..."

Is this a bug in Panda3d?. I have tried to use existing bones or create new bones and nothing seems to fix it and I still get the error message.

Please advise, thanks.

Hi, welcome to the community!

I’m curious, what happens if you call actor.listJoints()? Does the joint show up?

I will try it thanks. In the meantime I am just controlling the joints independently - Finger sections for finger bend for a VR glove.