Continuous warning with DirectButton

If I do this:

button = DirectButton(text= “blah”, scale=(0.5, 0, 0.5))

I get the following warning printing over and over in the console:

:linmath(warning): Tried to invert singular LMatrix3.

Do I pass more arguments to it by default?

I think the problem is with your scale, although I might be wrong.

Try this to see if it fails…

 myButton = DirectButton(text = 'button!', scale = 0.5) 

If that fails, then there is something very odd going on.

Here are a few bits I remember about buttons…

 myButton = DirectButton( parent = aspect2d, text = 'something', scale = 0.5, relief = RAISED, command = myFuncToCallOnClick, extraArgs = [] )
myButton.setPos(0, 0, 0)

Hope that helps!