Continues terrain (A lot of maps together)

Hi everybody,

I have few question about the terrain generation system:
-How can we assemble a lot of map to fake a very huge terrain ( like World of warcraft ) ?
-How can we load the maps using the streaming methode ?

Because the methode I use now, is to load the next map when the player is at the end of the map (And drawing a loading screen ), but in a lot of RPG the terrain is just huge without loading screen.

Thanks !

use small terrain pieces, load and position them on the fly. make sure your maximum viewing distance is smaller than the distance for patches to be loaded.

while there are many tweaks it’s pretty much always the same.
there are more advanced systems but they easily cause a lot of overhead.

Just an exemple : I have a big mountain in the map 2,
I’m on the middle of map 1, and at this distance, I’m able to see the mountain, with your methode it won’t work!
So how can I load the next map ( but just the piece I see, not all the map ) continously ?

you load more than just the piece you stand on. it’s more like you have the piece you stand on, then a “ring” around than. and maybe one or 2 more. as your camera moves around you load and unload new pieces as nececssary.

although this method does not feature any LOD it works surprisingly well (if you’r fine with a somewhat limited maximum viewing distance). good thing about it, it’s quite robust and easy to do.

My terrain system ( ) has a renderer (the RenderAutoTiler) that simply loads all tiles who’s centers are within a specified distance of the focus, and unloads any tiles where the distance from the focus is larger than a different (slightly larger) distance. You can run it and select this renderer by editing the in the obvious place near the top. It also has a another still under development rendering approach thats more advanced (but more complex).

Edit: I’d be happy to help you add a streaming based tile source to my terrain system. Thats really what you would want for this I guess.