Contents of libpanda.dll


I’m wondering if anyone can tell me which non-panda dlls libpanda.dll links in. I’m getting a DLL load failed error on some user’s machine on the line “from libpanda import *” in (this is version 1.2.3). The user’s graphics drivers and copy of Windows are up-to-date. I’m trying to narrow down which drivers she might be missing, so I wonder where I can find which drivers libpanda.dll links in.

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It depends on how it was built. Try:

dumpbin /dependents libpanda.dll

You might also gain some insight by firing up pview. My experience is that importing DLL’s within Python tends to squelch the Windows dialogs that complain about particular missing DLL’s.


Libpanda is all of panda, basically. And panda’s a huge software system. It brings in so many DLLs it’s impossible to list them all.

I would first suggest trying a more up-to-date version of panda… the DLL handling was completely changed around 1.3.2 or so. The problem might just go away.