Construction site, placement of models, etc.

I just found this application yesterday. I have a question about Panda3D capabilities.

I’d like to take models of construction equipment (bulldozers, dump trucks, etc.) and place them on a construction site (different terrains as needed) as well as place models of steel frames, concrete panels, etc. on a structure.
The method I would hope to use is drag and drop and then orient the model as needed using the 6 degrees of freedom. Preferably, I would use the mouse to drag, drop, and orient as needed.

Will Panda3D do this now?


dunno what you mean with “now”. panda has been capable of doing this for quite a long time. all you need to do is code it the way you need it.panda itselfs provides everything you would need.
if you are asking for a ready to use editor for something like that. nope there isnt. only a small helper function but thats propably not what you’r asking for.

Usually what you want to do lots of game builders have done by building game editors.

First you build an exe (or py) that will load all your models and list them. Then implement a drag-and-drop to put or move all your movable objects (see the chess board example) (opt. build a removal tool). Then built a save tool that will save all your models and their position in a text file ( Then implement your game to load object by this text file.

Easy to say, hard to do but not impossible!

Thanks for the info about the chessboard example.
Since I’m not a software developer, it looks like I need to learn Python to accomplish what I need.