Constellation Viewing tool -- a bit of help


I’m working on a python project (using the panda3D game engine) and
was wondering if you could offer any advice.

I currently have a code developed that lets me visualize a 3
dimensional “constellation” of points with labels – I can pan zoom, change the label size, change the label meaning, color etc… I can also “evolve” the constellation forward and backward in time with the keyboard (or XBOX360 controller) [this amounts to switching form one set of x,y,z coordinates for each point to another] – If you are familiar at all with the panda3D eninge perhaps you could advise me on
how to add a

  1. slider bar so that instead of having to press the forward/backward keys to cycle time I can just slide the bar to get to a specific time.

  2. secondly – each individual point has a label attached to it – I was wondeirng if you were aware of a method that can be sued to put an invisible card behind each label that is pickable so that if i ‘pick’
    the card an event handler pulls an extra string and displays it?

Any help would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Have you looked at DirectSlider and DirectButton?

Having thought a little more, the three-dimensional nature of your described system might interfere with the use of DirectButton (although I think that it may still be worth your looking at, as it may nevertheless do what you want of it). If it doesn’t suit, then you might place a CollisionPolygon (if I recall the name correctly) and use the picking technique described here.

Thanks this is great help – anyone else who knows a trick or two will be much appreciated!

Thanks again!