Config search path

Hi, i can’t understand how config file system should work in Panda with a base project folder tree like this:

|_ etc/

If i call “cpMgr.getSearchPath()” method, the only result is:


Where can I put all my project-specific config files?

I believe the search path is set to etc by default, which means it will automatically search for available dirs. In your case, it only found the etc dir in the panda3d installation.

So if I put a config file in the project root (or in the “etc” folder of the project root) Panda should find and read it?

It should, I think. Why don’t you try it and see?

Because I’ve already tried it… :frowning:

If i put a “test.prc” file in my project root or in a “etc” folder inside my project root, the file is not loaded.