Config.pp issue

Been a while since I checked out Panda so I wanted to start a fresh build on my laptop. Anyway, I like having the control that the ppremake system gives with Config.pp so I’m going that route.

Anyway, I’ve managed to build dtool just fine (as far as I can tell at the moment). However, I hit a build issue when linking panda due to the fact that when I run ppremake, the dtool_config.h always points to the following no matter what I change in the Config.pp:

From dtool_config.h
#define HAVE_DX9 /Program Files//Microsoft SDKs/Windows/v6.0a/lib/d3d9.lib

The problem is that I’ve installed DXSDK in a different directory. When I try to specify the path in my Config.pp, dtool_config.h is never being updated to reflect that.

I’ve even tried the following:

from my Config.pp
#define HAVE_DX9

It works fine when I do that for HAVE_DX8, but it doesn’t cause any change in dtool_config.h. I figure I’m doing something dumb, so if anyone has any thoughts I’d be thankful.

By the way, my Config.pp is very minimal at the moment and consists of:

#define DX9_IPATH /c/DXSDK_NOV08/include
#define DX9_LPATH /c/DXSDK_NOV08/lib/x86

I should also mention that I just grabbed the latest source from the website. I haven’t sync’d to anything from the sourceforge depot.

Hmm, it sounds like something’s going wrong all right. The definition for HAVE_DX9 is derived exactly from your DX9_LPATH variable, so if you’re still seeing the old setting there, then either your Config.pp file isn’t being read, or your dtool_config.h file isn’t being written.

My most likely guess is the latter. I bet you’re looking at the wrong dtool_config.h file. There’s one in the dtool root, which gets written when you run ppremake within the dtool directory; and there’s another one in the include directory, which gets copied there when you run “make install” within the dtool directory. Have you done both steps?