config dt

hi, i´ve red ones about, but i couldnt find the posting here anymore. how to set the main delta time in the config?

max-dt 0.1

or so…

i do have problems at the collision detection with fast moving objects.

max-dt is an upper limit on the amount of time that is considered to have elapsed between two consecutive frames. If you set it to 0.1, it means that when a frame takes longer than 0.1 seconds, the physics time is clamped at 0.1. This is useful to prevent objects from flying off into space due to an occasional chug (for instance, due to a model load or something).

But if you have problems with fast-moving objects in general, you should see the manual page that talks about this subject.


sorry, i forgot to answer.

thank you david, well explained! that helps alot.

today im to lazy to work on. i will try to fix that tomorrow.