Components System

Hello everyone,
I am newbie with Panda3d, that’s why I created this topic.
A lot of free and proprietary engines use “system of components” for creating flexible and useful classes.
Basically, in other development fields we call it composition or aggregation.
Is there similar approach in Panda3d?
Or, as python is a language with dynamic typing, should I only use this property. I mean - extending of classes in flight.
Anyway, could somebody show me example based on class Enemy. In witch I could add component Weapon and AI without inheritance.
What it the best way to do it?
What is the best way to create flexible and extensible instances in Panda3d with python?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It is not hard to create an entity-component system on top of Panda3D. It would involve creating a generic Entity class and then making different Component classes that manage different scene graph nodes under the main node for that Entity.

There are some community projects relating to ECS in Panda3D that might be worth checking out:

Thanks rdb,
Appreciate your support.