complete pipeline with max, max2egg ?


After a lot of work, we have a utility program that correctly transform maya file to egg ( using maya2egg2008)
We now trying to extend it to 3dsmax.
The simplest way of course, will be having a max2egg exe file.

Is there any plan to create one ?

The other solution will be to automatize the export of egg file in max using the plugin.
Since I have others files to create in the conversion process, I absolutely need to use python and call max from it ( I can’t do everything inside max script)

I find that I can use max script from python code under certain condition ( one being that 3dsmax is opened )
Some question about it:

  • In which language the egg exporter for max is created ? ( maxscript, c++ directly,…)
  • The manual tell a somewhat strange behavior for the plugins. I understand that we have to put a object in the scene ( the egg),… how this can be compatible with an complete automatized pipeline (open,exports,…) ?

The max exporter is written in C++, but as a max plugin (compiled as .dlo files, not unlike .dll files). So, there is no max2egg, and I’m not aware of any plans to make it. Perhaps the Max API does not support that, I dunno.