Complete pipeline tutorial

Is there a tutorial somewhere covering the complete pipeline process from Blender to Panda3D.

I’ve been testing a bit, get “chicken” to export to egg, the egg file is OK in pview but not in my own window. Adding lights, moving the camera doesn’t seem to work. It loads, but doesn’t show up. The online tutorials are great, but are all using existing resources: none that I’ve seen are using local models.


if your model shows up in pview but on in your game. it’s most likely related to your game.
or in case you moved the file after exporting&pviewing it also might be a path-issue.
have a look at the console output of your application. might help you. if everything is fine there. you might not see it due to wrong camera position, or you forgot to reparent it to render. many possibilities. but like i said. if pview shows it. the model itself is fine

Thanks Thomas. I finally (after getting your post) got the scene to load using the path below (using some code from the Hellow world tutorial. However, this code doesn’t work (the model is a simple box, 1 unit wide and centered at 0,0,0.

If possible, can someone look at this and tell me what is wrong with this code?

# Application code
if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Load the counter
    counter = loader.loadModel('./models/counter')

    # Lights
    plight = DirectionalLight('my plight')
    plnp = render.attachNewNode(plight)

    # Camera,0,10)


Before you can set the camera position, you need to disable the trackball controls:


After that, you can position the camera.

Or without disabling it at all, add these lines after the lookAt line :


You may need to import Mat4 from PandaModules.

Thanks to both of you. In case this is useful to other newcomers like me, the explanation for these two solutions are here:

It’s in the docs, but didn’t caught my attention when I first read that part.

The gist being that the camera gets reset to (0,0,0) unless the default mouse mode is disabled OR the camera’s material is inverted. That is a problem because the camera ends up inside the model which is thus invisible. Indeed, if the mouse isn’t disabled, the model will show up if it gets moved up the Y axis,

I’ve written a tutorial which covers setting up chicken and minimally getting it running. I plan to have a follow on tutorial on Event handling and eventually follow-up on designing larger games (which this tutorial really doesn’t do :wink: ). The link is below: … wn-models/

Comments from the more knowledgeable folk welcome (if you can spare the longish narrative),