Compilling Panda with Visual Studio 2005 Express

I am attempting to compile panda using Visual Studio 2005 Express and running into some errors that don’t make a lot of sense to me early in the compile.

When compiling dtool_util_composite I get the following error:

panda3d-1.3.2\built\include\register_type.h(37) : error c2065: ‘TypeHandle’ : undeclared identifier

followed by a large number of similar errors. I have looked into the ‘register_type.h’ file and right before line 37 it imports ‘typeHandle.h’ which defines a ‘TypeHandle’, but somehow the compiler doesn’t recognize it.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong?

Version 1.3.2 of Panda3D is geared towards VC7, but the CVS version (to be 1.4.0 soon) is more built for VC8 (MSVC2005).
At this forum thread you will find information about how to compile the CVS version using VC8:
And you can download this CVS version of Panda3D at:

I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few people who’s tried building on VS2005 express. I do so pretty much every day — I haven’t had any problems. I can’t imagine what’s going on.

So I thought it would be a good time to have the head of the panda tree fully support visual c++ 2005 express.

I’ve commited two changes to the ppremake tree. the regex one is a name change of errcode to error_code, because errcode is a visual studio identifier, and our declaration format gets all confused). The other
one is a buffer overflow issue that it seemed to run into whenever I tried to run ppremake.

Checking in gnu_regex.c;
/cvsroot/panda3d/ppremake/gnu_regex.c,v <-- gnu_regex.c
new revision: 1.3; previous revision: 1.2

Checking in ppCommandFile.cxx;
/cvsroot/panda3d/ppremake/ppCommandFile.cxx,v <-- ppCommandFile.cxx
new revision: 1.31; previous revision: 1.30

anywho, to compile ppremake:

-grab the ppremake tree from cvs
-open the solution in Visual C++ 2005 express. You’ll get a conversion notice which shouldn’t have any effect.
-make sure you’ve got the platform sdk installed, and that visual studio knows about it
(either through the INCLUDE and LIB environment variables, or by adding directories in the
Tools->Options…->Projects and Solution->Visual C++ directories)
-make sure you are in release version
-build away!

I’ll commit changes for a compile-from-scratch no-package panda build tomorrow