Compiling via distcc

Just had a quick read regarding distcc.
Seems quite interesting. Especially for those of us who spend a considerable amount of time compiling things from source.

I currently lack the means of compiling something across multiple machines, but was wondering how hard this would be to achieve with makepanda. Am I right to assume that it would only take a few alterations (“compiler=distcc” rather than “compiler=gcc”) to get this working?

I have yet to get really used to makepanda, but at least that’s how distcc is supposed to be used with make. The distcc daemon is launched on every machine and the server calls make with the compiler flag set to distcc (CC=distcc) and specifies the number of parallel jobs.

All I can say is “try it and see what sort of problems you run into”.

Good enough for me.
I guess I’ll have to roam the closets and cellars of my workplace and use whatever scrap computer I can get my grubby hands on.

80s nostalgia, ftw. :mrgreen: