Compiling Python/Panda3D Code

Hi, I was wondering if there were any tools made for compiling the code for Panda3D for runtime use. I noticed Nuitka was something but is it really secure against reverse engineering?

The new deploy-ng system that is being worked on for 1.10 should satisfy your use.

Using Nuitka is also possible, and probably even more difficult to reverse-engineer.

Is it safer protecting a codebase than something like Nirai?

I don’t know what you mean by “safer”, but if you mean “harder to get access to the compiled Python bytecode”, then this is indeed harder with Nuitka. Nirai still relies on interpreting the compiled bytecode with the Python interpreter, so hooking into the interpreter binary with a debugger would still trivially reveal the bytecode. Nuitka on the other hand bypasses the interpreter entirely by directly turning your code into C code, so there is no Python bytecode to extract.