Compiling Panda3D with Visual C++ 2008 Express

Hi all,
is there someone who managed to compile panda3d sources with visual C++ 2008 express? I’m using it for all my coding, and don’t want to install the previous 2005 version!

Nobody has tried it yet, to my knowledge.

I do know that converting from VS2003 was a month-long ordeal. Microsoft changes everything from one version of the compiler to the next.

well 2005 and 2008 are quite similar (many difference in C++/CLI .NET support). I think it should be a little effort, but i know nothing about the make system of the panda engine!

Somebody has tried, but this somebody has been a lousy C++ coder (me).

I have been running into problems because the VS2008 implementation of some STL containers (used by the Panda3D classes plist, pmap, etc.) has changed in bitlength, compared to VS2005. So you would have to recompile (most?) dependencies too. This is where I have given up, and reinstalled VS2005.