Compiling panda3d with open free libraries only

Hello everyone,
I am interested in making a commercial game with Panda3d and I only recently discovered this engine. But I am a bit confused with all these third-party libraries included. So, in short, my question is:
Is there anyone here who can recommend me what libraries to include while building panda3d from source so I won’t have any restrictions or surprises when I release my game?
I have read the manual about third-party dependencies but I have no clear image of what features I will lose if I exclude some libraries.
To be more specific, I am interested in basic features only like audio and video playing, basic images and texture / materials. So if I exclude directX libraries and Cg toolkit, will I be able to create a functional game for windows?
Of course I intend to seek lawyer legal advice in the future, I just ask this question here to obtain basic advice to get me started. I looked through the forum but all similar questions and answers are too old.
Thanks in advance.

You might want to check the FMod license; depending on your purposes, it may be free, and it may not be.

I think–and don’t quote me on this–that OpenAL is an alternative that’s free without restriction, albeit perhaps not as richly-featured as FMod.

Thank you, I have already checked that. I don’t mind about rich-features, so openAL should be fine for me.

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There should not be any significant restrictions using the Cg toolkit, but yes, you can compile Panda3D without it and use the GLSL shading language instead, though the built-in shader generator will not work and you may have to write shaders yourself. (This is something we’re working on fixing.) However, if you just have basic texture/materials, you may not actually need shaders at all, or very simple ones.

Ah, thanks! This answer is actually enlightening and made it clearer for me. I don’t mind writing my own shaders.