Compiling Panda 1.90 Maya 2016 support files

For anyone interested in compiling their own Maya 2016 support files, I’ve just successfully built all the exec’s and the mll plugin files need for egg importing and converting.

Panda version 1.9.0
compiled on May 31 2015 18:23:28 by makepanda
with compiler MSC v.1600 64 bit (AMD64)
Running Windows 7 Ultimate x64

There were really only 2/3 steps I had to do to compile them.
first, it seems starting with 2016, the SDK dev kit for Maya is no longer included in the Maya installation and as such, it has to be downloaded separately from Autodesk. All you’ll find in the directory is a readme file stating this and to visit the Autodesk website.
That link will take you to the download page where you can download the SDK for MAya. It’ll download a file called “Maya2016_devkit.tgz”.
Once it’s downloaded, winRAR or (possibly other archive software) will open it for viewing/extracting.

From the archive. extract everything from the “/devkitBase/include/” folder,
to your “:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\include” folder.
Once this has been done, and of course your Maya is up and running, I’d suggest doing a quick restart in case any files need to be registered for the building process. i.e. path setting or similar.

second, in the panda 1.9.0 source, find the following entries in the two listed fiels below and add the MAYA2016 entries to them as shown:

MAYAVERSIONINFO = [("MAYA6",   "6.0"),
                   ("MAYA65",  "6.5"),
                   ("MAYA7",   "7.0"),
                   ("MAYA8",   "8.0"),
                   ("MAYA85",  "8.5"),


struct MayaVerInfo maya_versions[] = {
  { "MAYA6",    "6.0" },
  { "MAYA65",   "6.5" },
  { "MAYA7",    "7.0" },
  { "MAYA8",    "8.0" },
  { "MAYA85",   "8.5" },
  { "MAYA2008", "2008"},
  { "MAYA2009", "2009"},
  { "MAYA2010", "2010"},
  { "MAYA2011", "2011"},
  { "MAYA2012", "2012"},
  { "MAYA2013", "2013"},
  { "MAYA20135", "2013.5"},
  { "MAYA2014", "2014"},
  { "MAYA2015", "2015"},
  { "MAYA2016", "2016"},
  { 0, 0 },

After the above steps have been done, building Panda3D should yield you all the maya related exec’s and mll plugin files for your use.
plugin folder:
“libmayapview2016.mll”, “libmayasavepview2016.mll”, “mayaeggimport2016.mll”
bin folder:
“egg2maya2016.exe”, “egg2maya2016_bin.exe”, "maya2egg2016.exe, “maya2egg2016_bin.exe”
“mayacopy2016.exe”, “mayacopy2016_bin.exe”


Thanks! I’ve just checked in your source code changes to GitHub. I’ll look into shipping Maya 2016 plug-ins for the next Panda release.

NP! I haven’t completely verified every function of all the exec’s yet, but I do know that the Maya egg importer and the maya2egg2016.exe seemed to work fine. So as an educated guess, the others should be working as well, though I personally rarely use them myself. :smiley:

For the record, while the devkit contains the header files, the .lib files that are also needed for building are not in there. I found I still had to install the Maya 2016 trial edition in order to get those so that I could build maya2egg2016.

For anyone looking for a development build with Maya 2016 plug-ins: … 8e-x64.exe