Compiling a panda3d game written in python

I have a game written in python for panda, but it has a lot of folders, and when I look up how to compile python files into an .exe for windows, it either shows how to do I for a single file, or it says something about py2exe, which just creates an installer, and has all the source files in the install directory. I don’t want that be issue people can change my code when they go into that folder and view the files. How can I compile the game source into an executable, but at the same time, have a version of panda and python be installed into it so players don’t need to install those?

You first use packp3d to bundle your application up into a .p3d file, and then you can use pdeploy to turn that into an .exe. … _installer

Will that include all folders in the source and include panda and python within the file?

It can, yes (except it will be a compiled version of the source).