Compile used files (like .egg)

Hello !

In a game (created with python), I saw developers used ‘.mf’ files (,, …), and, by looking at logs, I saw paths like ‘/phase_8/dna/the_burrrgh_sz.dna’, or also bams files into files
(Also a Phase3.pyz used).

So how can I compile files for reading it?


Those formats are specific for their 3d engines.
Panda3D uses the human-readable .egg file.
But, if you want to “compile your .egg”, meaning in a way that its not readable anymore, to a .bam file, you can call this command from a commandprompt:

egg2bam myfile.egg myfile.bam

It will convert your .egg file into a .bam file. Treat it the same way you would do with a .egg file. But note that this .bam file is only valid in the same Panda3D version as when it was created.

Thanks, I knew that, but i want compile several .egg files in one.
And the game uses only Panda3D (it is Toontown Online, you can see it in Panda3D Projects).

I never used them before, but .mf extension is a Panda3D multifile. From what I know similar to a zip-archive. Read in the API reference or play around with the “multify” utility that comes with Panda3D (in the Panda3D/bin directory).

For the .pyz files you could check if they are perhaps simply zipped .py files, but zipped with Panda3D’s zip-headers. The “pzip” utility in the Panda3D/bin directory would create such files, “punzip” unzip them.

BUT: Toontown is AFAIK a commercial product. So Disney certainly has put some effort into hiding/crypting their valuable 3D content. So don’t be disappointed if you are not able to read and use the models. Perhaps you should check the license for Toontown first.


Thank you very much !

But i dont wanna steel they models O.o
I just want to use the same way to crypt files.

Hi !

For .pyz files, pzip don’t want to zip .pyz files and punzip to unzip .pyz files, only .py files :confused: (I think it is just a renamed .py file…).

And, for tests, i have tried to unzip the Phase2.pyz with punzip, but thats unzip it into a file (not a folder :/).

edit : pzip zip only 1 file, and not a folder (he can’t read it) or several files. So I think .pyz files contains several files, but how can I do this ?