compile problem

Hi There,

I just started to use Panda 3D yesterday.
When I try to read the manual about the use of visual studio, it seems I have problem when i try to compile a simple program in C.

I have syntax error for some of the include files such as mutexdummyimpl.h, atomicadjustdummyimpl.h…

I need suggestion on this. I’m actually using visual basic 2005 now.


Do you really want to program in C++? Most panda programming is done in python. The manual is in python. If you use C++, you’re working in relatively uncharted territory.

panda3d isnt suited for c++ becuz of lack of documentation. i would suggest you use irrlicht or the many other c++ engines.

I wonder if that is really “Installation”-dependend? :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29