Compilation Warnings

During compiling a very basic example, or the following:

#include "pandaFramework.h"
#include "pandaSystem.h"

PandaFramework framework;

int main(int argc, char ** argv)
    framework.open_framework(argc, argv);
    framework.set_window_title("Hello World!");

    WindowFramework *window = framework.open_window();
    return 0;

I get a rather long and suspicious list of warnings, however the application does compile and run. Here’s the biggest snippet I can post:

All of the VC++ STL warnings are all there only when compiling something with Panda3D. I’d also like to make a note that I’ve also tried MinGW which fails to compile it at all. Could anyone help me out by letting me know whether or not this is normal and if there is a way to get Panda3D to work in MinGW?

You appear to have a particularly verbose warning setting on your project file. All of those warnings about padding structures are surely normally below the output threshold, no?

As to MinGW, it cannot be used to compile Panda at this time. If you are interested in making this work, you are certainly welcome to investigate it.


Those warnings are nothing to worry about, most should be off by default, you must have the /Wall option. … 85(v=VS.80.aspx