CommonFilters and camera2d

I know it’s a strange idea to use a post process filter for gui but I’ve done it anyway (wanted to try if bluring 3d gui elements would make them less jagged with no aa). It works fine if I don’t resize the window -if I do it all goes wahoony-shape.

Should I write a bug repport or is this beyond the intended use? I don’t want to use it like this, so I’m in no need of a fix.

You’ll have to be a bit more specific. What does ‘wahoony-shape’ mean? Can you show an image?

I’ll post a sshot once I’m back home. It looks as if on top of the original scene there was a ghost version not fiting the window, missplaced and with a wrong size and aspect ratio.



Hmm. Does the problem go away when you enable non-power-of-two textures?

Also, can you paste the bit of code where you create the CommonFilters object?

Looks the same with textures-power-2 none in my prc(not even sure if my ancient machine supports non power of 2 textures).

        self.filters = CommonFilters(, base.cam2d)
        self.filters.setBloom(blend=(0,0,0,1.0), mintrigger=0.95, maxtrigger=0.4, desat=-0.3, intensity=1, size="small")