Common Filters question

Hi everyone!

I have something to ask about common filters. I noticed that applying either a cartoon or a bloom filter, using common filters, they affect the entire scene.
For example, I wanted only my character to be affected by the cartoon filter, and leave the rest as it is. Is there any way to do this or do I have to apply shaders manually?

I know you can apply a shader / filter to a specific object if you do it yourself (write your own shader / set up your own filters). Not sure if it can be done using Common Filters, sorry.

Surely it can be done. This has been done before, search the forums, there used to be a code snipplet for it.

I have also been trying to apply the bloom effect to a specific node with no success. Does anyone know how to apply bloom to a node of choice? I haven’t been able to find any code for this in the forum.

pro-soft, I managed long ago to apply common filters to a specific group of objects, but the other unfiltered objects( outside the group ) dissapeared, behind the common filtered group, which got a weird grey background where it should be transparent( where there was nothing to render ).

I only got to remove this weird grey background which prevented the unfiltered group of objects to be seem using custom shaders( Cg ).

The filtered group display area stayed on top of the unfiltered object group display area( a bit like layers ).

If there is a way to remove this filtered group opaque grey background problem in panda, without Cg, I would be thankfull…

Yoshi and Rosewell, what you want is something a bit like this:

then you would use the cartoon shader basic tutorial stuff:

Not precisely sure what you mean, but I think you left color-clear on at the display region. Disable it.

I think maybe the problem is this clear color on at display region you spoke of pro-soft, but how do I deactivate it?

Sorry for making the question before a bit confusing, thanks in advance.

That would be display2.[url=]setClearColorActive/url.

It did not worked…I think the clearcolor wasnt on, since when I turn it on I cant see anything, which wasnt happening before( I could still see objects parented to render2 and aspect2d ).

And the automatic shader ink effectI get is quite ugly, I think I will stay with Cg for now, I just used the advanced cartoon shader example, and it gave me nice results.