Combine Basic Anim. Tex. tut. with Roaming Ralph tut.

I’m trying out different ways of animating characters.

Why can’t I combine these 2 tutorials? I copied the code from the basic animated texture tutorial over to the roaming ralph tutorial and replaced ralph with the plane.

When I try to run the program I get a non-specific error. The error always gives me whatever line is below the code for the animated texture tutorial.

Could you be more specific about the non-specific error? :wink:

More seriously, even if the error keeps changing, it would be helpful if we could see it. It would also be useful if you could show us which snippets of code you copied and to where.

Take care,


Thanks for replying, but I was looking over it again after reading your post and solved the problem.

The problem seems to just be indentation, which I didn’t know mattered. I haven’t used any programming/ scripting language where indentation mattered other than for the sake of making it easier to read.