'Colorf' does not name a type [SOLVED]

Does somebody had any luck compiling the sample ports to C++ of this git: github.com/drivird/drunken-octo-robot ?

I am using the latest Eclipse in Ubuntu (3.8.1) and Panda3D 1.8.1 and I can’t compile Roaming Ralph. I got these errors:

‘Colorf’ does not name a type
./main.o: undefined reference to symbol ‘memory_hook’

I am new to C++ development so I can’t figure out what is the problem. I can post anything you want related to the project if you want.


stackoverflow.com/questions/1517 … nes-colorf

As for memory_hook, I’m guessing you’re not linking in one of the Panda libraries (I think that memory_hook in particular is in libp3dtool).

If you’re new to C++ development, I would encourage you to get more familiar with programming with C++ and using other libraries to begin with, or that you try your hand at Python development first.

Oh god thanks, that worked!