color border on frame

when i ran the YesNoDialog Demo i noticed the frame border is green. I couldn’t find a way to do that in the documentation. I thought it may be done by setting the entire frame to green then pasting in a monochrome image. I tried that but sizing the image seems like a real chore.

Is there just a way to set the border color?

You might have to paint a custom texture for each differently-sized panel if you want to color only the border.


I haven’t seen said demo, so I was holding off on commenting, but if it’s just a texture slapped on a card, you can probably apply a white texture and set the color of the node, or dig up the recent thread on loading just an alpha map to a flat-colored object.

Are you using wxPython, directGUI, or TK?

Sounds to me like it’s DirectGUI, as he’s talking about YesNoDialog.