Reading the manual, found two types of make collisions, one scripting and the other one exporting with egg.

I guess try first with egg, ralph the model has own collision system inside… how did they do to make collision detection in egg?..

chicken has make collision octree, do i must to set in logic bricks the actor button and then dynamic ?..

Reading the manual didn´t found something related to blender…(about collisions)…

i can try with code, but like someone said, better learn to walk before fly… well something like that…

Look in the chicken manual for something about setting object-types.

Was looking the Chicken Manual, and found something like add properties, and did it all written there, adding two properties…

is that all that i must to do?, the egg file contents new lines about tags and suchs things…

The weird thing is looking into ralph egg file or world egg file didn´t find nothing about ObjectType and collision… :\

seeing the source code of the roaming ralph example, found lines of collisions, but are few ones.

Roaming Ralph’s collisions are made with scriptings only or models has collision from modeller?

Do i must to do something apart exporting models with properties ObjectType?

Excuse my knowledge fault of this …
and thanks in advice.

Hello, last time i checked the Ralph model does not have a collusion model. Ralph uses scripting (collision rays) or something. I remember you can enable the collusion and see how it works ingame and it looks like it uses Ralphs coordinates or the actual Ralph model to collide with the actual environment mesh. So there is no collusion models to be found i think.

I havent work on panda for months so i dont remember.

The collusion method Roaming Ralph uses is not good. For better games you will want to use collusion models.

Yeah, that’s how it works. The world .egg file has polyset keep, so that the entire visual geometry is re-used as collision geometry. Ralph himself is just a ray shot from his head location.

If you set any of the collision egg tags under the Logic panel in Blender, Chicken will export them as proper collision geometry which is then read by Panda into a CollisionNode consisting of collision solids. Those objects in Blender are discarded if you are using any tag other than barrier/ObjectType polyset, and only their extents are used to calculate the size of the resulting object. So, if you want a collision sphere of diameter X, make sure your object is about the same size of X in Blender. Easiest way to do this is to actually add a iso sphere mesh into your Blender scene.