Collisions in egg file

Is there a way to add collisions to an egg file in a way that the group will be rendered.

<CoordinateSystem> { y-up-left }

<Texture> garden2_final { "maps/garden2_final.tif"
	<Scalar> format { rgb }
	<Scalar> wrap { repeat }

<Group> garden {
	<Transform> { 

How can i add here the collsion tag that i can use it for collision dedection and the Group garden will be rendered?

Thanks Martin

This was answered almost exactly by the question in this thread, posted shortly before your own post.

In short, if you put the syntax:

<collide> node {polygon keep descend} 

in your egg file, it means to make invisible collision geometry out of it; but the “keep” keyword means to keep the geometry as renderable geometry as well.