collisions for levels

Hey all, its me again. i first wanted to do walking on uneven terrain and used CollisionHandlerFloor. but when i run at a tall wall that is 90 degress straight up, i “jump” to the top. Should i use physics and gravity instead or is there a solution

The problem you are facing isnt actually that you get put on the top of the house, but that you can walk into a wall. Once you are in the wall the CollisionHandlerFloor automatically sets you on the floor he finds. (you have to check if the CollisionHandlerFloor can handle multiple floors correctly)

To solve the problem:
I recommend you to use a sphere and the CollisionHandlerPusher to solve this problem. depending on where you position the sphere you will (not) be able to ascend a stair / building.

i decide just to add gravity and physics nao cuz im gunna have physics in my game, better add it