collisions collisions ....

hi there,

I’m doing a small racing game, just to get the hang of panda. Now, I’m having some issues with the collision system:

  • Is there away that I can use the floor and pusher handlers at the same time? I need the floor handler to keep the car on the track, but the pusher for the walls. Perhaps I should code it all in with the collision que?

  • I can only use the collision sphere for the car, but this makes collisions with geometry very in acurate, is there a better way to handle this? (If I make the sphere the same size as the car, the sides will never be able to collide with the walls, if i make it smaller, the front go’s through the walls…)

Any ideas on this one?

The floor and pusher should work together reasonably well. Are they giving you problems?

You can try putting two CollisionSpheres in one node: one sphere at the front of the car, and another sphere at the back. So your car will look kind of like a dumbbell in the collision world, which should be fine for collisions with walls.



I understood that when you use the floor handler, all solids are set to it. Ie. I have the walls and the ground as seperate collision nodes, now when I use the gravity handler, the car drives acros the walls (on top of them) and the floor. I assumed if I set both a pusher handler and a gravity handler on the car, the collision nodes would conflict, by being both gravity and pushers.

The thought of two spheres hadnt occured to me yet (*Yellow slaps his forehead). Thanks for the tip.