Collisions are too heavy


I am programming a shooter game, basically I started the game to learn panda, but now it raised to a funny game and I’m trying to get it on a higher level.

My levels have a high- and a lowpoly version. The highpoly one is rendered and used for shot detection to create holes and smoke. The lowpoly one is for the player to collide with (this is already too slow although the “clip” has only a total of 550 verts and 500 faces).

Unfortunatly I recognised too late that the collisionray of the gun is too heavy to collide with the highpoly (“higher poly”) version of the level to create holes and smoke. A machinegun causes a big lag. :frowning:
Is there a way to speed the collisionray up? Or to limit the collions to 2-3 per travers?
I’m forced to use the highpoly version for the gun, else the holes and smoke appear somewhere in the air and not on the surface :confused:
Last alternative would be to have no holes and smoke, but that would be boring :confused:

Thank you very much.


You can make collisions cheaper with a technique called octreefying. Search the forums for octree, and you’ll find lots of results.

Ok, I exported as octree. Now I have a collision version of the map. My map is made of two models ( high-poly collision and low-poly collision). Do I need to load them separatly and set there collision masks and then load the visible part of the map as a single model?

I tryied to do that, but my player model just falls through the clip without any collision detections :confused:

Do I need to divide the mesh manually?