Collisions and intervals

I have two things shown here, the actor, and the ramp (they both have collisions), but when I make the actor move with the intervals, he just goes right through the ramp. Any ideas on how to solve this?

A interval moves a node from one point to another, most of the time the node moves along a line.
I think a interval alone will not work, a task checking collisions and adjusting the position of the character is needed.
…or make sure that the start and end position of the interval (and maybe all points in betwen) are valid before starting the interval.

Another idea might be using an event-based collision handler (perhaps a CollisionHandlerPusher, in order to also (hopefully) prevent penetration; when the event is fired, cancel the current interval (which I would imagine would be stored in a variable) and create a new one.

Of course, this assumes that you want the object to continue in a straight line after each collision, disregarding any gravity or other forces that might be present, and that you don’t mind that the object changes direction.

Thanks for the help. I’m going to try both of those suggestions, and I’ll post the results.