Collisionray - straight line?

Does anyone have experience with collisionray in Panda3D?
I have setup a coillisionray and a queue to handle the events, but when I print out the coillisions from the queue something is wrong.
I assume that a ray is straight line but I sometimes get three of more collisions with objects that are not in line in any way!

Collision rays are pretty straight. :slight_smile: But sometimes you can run into issues similar to yours if there is a scale transform between your ‘into’ and ‘from’ collision nodes. Also, there used to be an issue with starting the collision traversal on a node with any transform on it, but I believe that particular issue has since been resolved.

Can you post a code snippet illustrating how you’ve set up your collision system?

You could, of course, also take a look at the Roaming Ralph tutorial in the panda3d samples directory.