CollisionHandlerPusher without a display

My problem:

if i set:

ConfigVariableString("window-type","none").setValue("none") is None

which i need for:

groundPusher = CollisionHandlerPusher()
groundPusher.addCollider( self.objectSphereColNp, self.nodePath, )

so it’s impossible to use the the collisionHandlerPusher with a display less server.

I havent figured out how to create the myself. ( = DriveInterface() is not enougth)

is there any way to fix that?

are you really need to use DriveInterface ? or simply copying from manual ?
well, the code is all there in :
(you just need to parent it somewhere) = self.dataUnused.attachNewNode(DriveInterface('drive'))

didn’t try it though :slight_smile:

You’re right.

I already wondered what this is used for, and even now i still dont really understand what the drive mode is ( is this the usual mouse control? )

But at least the collisions work fine just by removing the