CollisionHandlerFluidPusher() Sinking problem

Hey everyone. Panda 1.7 out and I was happy to see that the CollisionHandlerFluidPusher()was finally more up todate. It works great for my needs, but it does have a werid error that causes it to sink below the town model when your at a corner or aka between the road and the wall. It seems to only do it on the small walls and not big ones like my building walls.

Any fixes to the problem?

Update* After a few more test… it seems to sink no matter what actully. On the road, it seems to still want to sink. If left there, the camera/player will fall tho the game into the void…scary o.o The above is still true, but it’s more faster than then just fallling tho the floor (why it took longer to notice.)

are you sure it is not a problem with your setup?
can you provide a small snippet to test it?

kk I did a few more test. It seems you have to turn
now to correct the above problem.

but the sinking into the floor is still semi there. It may have to do with the fact that I am moving the player via z postion for gravity and changing the players collision raidus.

Sorry I have no snippet =/ and it could be my setup. I took it that pusher was the same as fluidpusher.

can you say at least what collision handler are you using to detect floor collisions? anyhow you could find some hint here - check out the snippet number 8

Yea, all ready have that. Werid now tho. Didn’t change a thing… now it’s working right… o.o;

nvm… idk o.o soo werid… going to strip my collision code out and redo it. Maybe I didnt cross a T or something, but it should work cus the pusher is the only thing I changed for the fluid one.

Ok after editing my code I found it still did the same thing, so I took your example and changed your pusher to the fluidpusher and now your collision doesn’t work either XD or the walls it doesn’t.

Yea, it slowly goes tho the floor too. Really slow, but it does it. Maybe its my pc… idk…

can’t help very much like this - plus I ain’t managed fluidPusher so far but I’m positive that could be the next snippet I’ll make