Anyone know why they didn’t use CollisionHandlerFloor() in Roaming Ralph tutorial? I’m thinking maybe because it only works like the name implies, keeping an object on the floor, and they also needed another ray for collision with other objects like trees and rocks.

I was using Roaming Ralph as an example for my project and then after reading the collision docs several times found CollisionHandlerFloor(). Seems like it does automatically what RoamingRalph does in separate steps.


I’m not sure why the Roaming Ralph demo didn’t use CollisionHandlerFloor. It might be that the authors wanted to demonstrate doing more things by hand, which gives the programmer more control over the final result.

However, CollisionHandlerFloor can be handy. You can use it to stick your avatar to the ground, even in conjunction with a CollisionHandlerPusher to keep it out of walls and trees and things.

There are limitations to what you can do with the CollisionHandlerFloor, but if your application’s needs are simple enough, there’s no reason not to use it.


That’s good to know David. I didn’t even notice CollisionHandlerPusher() the first time. It seems the more I read over the documentation the more things sink in or get noticed.

I’m all for making things simple, that’s why we all use Python right :wink: