CollisionBox "out"event when totally inside


I trying to use CollisionBox for Triggers and noticed that I get an “out” event when an object passed the “wall” of the triggervolume and is completely inside of the volume. Is that (collision only noticed if happens at the walls) the expected behaviour?

That’s the way CollisionBox is built. It’s a hollow box built out of infinitely thin polygons. So, yes, this is “expected” behavior in the sense that it’s what the code is written to do.

I agree it’s unexpected in relation to the way the other collision solids work.


One way to emulate a filled box volume (as opposed to hollow) is to use 6 planes enclosing the box, and treat anything that tests against all 6 planes as intersecting with the box.

I’ll probably add this functionality for 1.8.0.

Did it happen ?

No, sorry, I didn’t yet. I did work on the math, but I never got around to implementing it.