Collision weird problem


I’m having a problem with collisions, I have a spider and a player.
The spider has a collisionsphere at the right front leg. And the player has a collisiontube on his body and a collisiontube for the shield. It was meant to put the shield tube in front of the player and detect if the shield is hit in front of the player, in that case no health will be lost.
This is done with the code below:

[color=red] for i in range(self.rightlegHandler.getNumEntries()):
hitentry = self.rightlegHandler.getEntry(i)
name = hitentry.getIntoNode().getName()
if name == “shield” and not self.hasHit and attacking:
print “shieldhit!!”
self.hasHit = True
elif name == “ventje” and not self.hasHit and attacking:
self.hasHit = True

The weird thing is: Even if I put the shield collisiontube at the same place as the tube for the players body and make the shield collisiontube much bigger so that the body tube is inside the other one. The spider still manages to hit the body first sometimes…
screenshot: … enshot.PNG

Does someone have an idea?

You probably have to deal with Quantum Tunneling.
I think you should read this on that: … ng_Objects

Ive read it, and indeed I also thought the spider attacked to fast at first… But then I made the spider attack very slow, and I had the same problem. I’ll talk about this with the other programmer… tnx!