Collision Traverser: remove unecessary collision checks

Hi again,

As far as I understand the default collision traverser cTrav is automatically run over the scene graph (all objects considered as ‘into’). This appears suboptimal and may be costly.

The question is : is there a way to remove collision traverser processing from all faces that are not going to collide with anything?


by using quad/octrees. since they allow to traverser to skip most of the triangles based on the bounding volume. that means with just a hand full of bounding-checks (which are very fast) it can toss away some 95% or more of the triangles. and only test against the remaining geometry.
that’s the whole idea behind quad and octrees.

Hi Thomas,
Thanks again.

Well as you know, the issue is that I’ve been trying to octreefy my egg file with no success so far. ( see my yesterday post )

I pin pointed the issue: the script cannot get access to buried vertexPool which appears to be under a couple of Group structures.

This appears to be a limitation of as well as

I’m not far, but I really miss the key to get access to the right node… As long as I get no hint I’m afraid I’m stuck.

Any charitable hand? Thanks!