collision system chart


I just updated the panda3d manual to reflect all possible collision solids that can be used as FROM and INTO objects. thought this would be useful for game devs.
The same chart can be found under Collision Solids

it be nice to have that chart in the wiki. But a bit more pleasant.

I tried to put the chart in the wiki initially… however the size of the chart seems to be too huge to be legible in the regular wiki margin. So I was thinking of breaking the chart up into from/into pieces and including it under each of the shapes in the wiki.

I updated the manual to convey the same information as the chart (removing rows and columns that are empty with explanatory text before the chart). See:

NOTE: Still missing on the Collision_Solids manual page is more discussion on CollisionParabola, and any prose on CollisionDSSolid and CollisionFloorMesh. At least the chart is in place. When amith’s CollisionBox is added the page will update as well.