Collision Sphere Sticking

For some reason, when using the collision sphere, any collisions on the top or bottom are causing my model to come to a complete stop. If I turn, the sphere rotates to a side and starts moving.

Here is a link to a screen capture. It will probably illustrate the issue better. I have no idea why this is happening… I tried setFluidPos just for the heck of it, but the same thing happened.


Also I should note that collisions on the side or front of the sphere slide as expected. It’s just when the top or bottom of the collider are hit.

playerCollNode = CollisionNode('FrontCollider')
playerCollNode.addSolid(CollisionSphere( 0.0,-1.5, 0.3, 1.1))
playerColl = player.attachNewNode(playerCollNode)

#initialize traverser
base.cTrav = CollisionTraverser()

#initialize pusher
pusher = CollisionHandlerPusher()


The default behavior of the Pusher is to push only on the XY plane. Have you tried doing this:


Wow- that was an amazingly easy fix. Thanks, pro-rsoft!!

Off topic:

Wow, nice video. Is it a model plane simulation game, or an actual life size flight sim? Looks good.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’m actually aiming for more of an arcade-style racing game.