collision setup shematic overview

ok i had a hard time to figure out how to set up even a simple collision between my player and my world. so i decided to draw a little overview which helps me remember things when i need them.
since i dont really know if it’s correct i’m asking anyone who knows about it to check if it’s correct or if there are mistakes in it. (i draw it after my code which works)
so here’s the pic
please verify/falseify

Makes sense to me. I’m not sure what the dashed arrow pointing from the “into” geometry to the traverser is supposed to represent, though.

And if I were to pick nits, I’d point out that a CollisionSphere/Ray/Plane is a CollisionSolid, these are not contained within a CollisionSolid. So they probably don’t deserve their own ellipse. But that’s a pretty small nit. On the other hand, it’s worth pointing out that a collision plane is not a valid “from” object (though a ray and a sphere are fine).


i see… well just my rough idea about the system. the dashed line should mean that it’s used by the traverser but you dont have to add it yourself. and i just discovered today that i need to update the collisiontraverser in a task =).
not perfect but might give some people a rough idea how the whole thing is structured since text-only explanation in the manual and the examples is pretty tough to understand.
thx for having a look at it :slight_smile: